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Equilibrium 03:48
A deserted planet, remnants of an ancient civilisation Saturated, Earth exterminated all his onerous inhabitants Release of toxins, Extreme climate events The end of humanity long journey in the natural kingdom Aggressively forced to relinquish from here Cleansing the obsolete Genocide as a task Acknowledge the judgment Inherited perpetual suffering Imminent decimation Malevolent scenes of violence Dereliction of the living Compelled to murder all those abominations off this sacred ground A Sadistic self-sentence, spreading Agony, A world of Torment. The ultimate Sacrifice. Obligate Atonement Self-Annihilation, The Pointlessness of existence Massive termination, anatomically modern human’s extinction Cervical disconnection from this unsustainable world No crowning representative, Earth was free Free of all this virulent presence All the basement’s falling Nature's reconnecting with its roots Mother Earth, finally in peace, re-establish your authority YOUR AUTHORITY Equilibrium by the absence of man
False reality Built in the wombs of desire Profanation of the lost sacred, set in fire Unconscious slaves to the greed that has corrupted those visions, those verities. Imprisoned in an alternate world, Salvation, illusion of the wicked Eternal servants, on your knees Abstraction of pure meaning Addicted to this artificial realm Our disappearance Abort the development, the establishment a species so INVASIVE We must erase history Immolate all the pages in flames for eternity Aeons of the natural world, we must SURRENDER Annihilate singularity Societal Dementia Societal madness, A mind cloistered in limitations, Visceral slaughtering Millions of years of maladaptation We shall erase history Burn all the books and the manuscripts Annihilate the singularity Induced by the universal emperor A stagnation in evolution Immolate After all those atrocities Will we find a cure? A cure To this natural offering we’ve mutated in a disease Only death is the remedy Only death is the remedy Exponential constrictions, delusional desideratum Forgotten, our primal needs are left aside Evolution antithesis caused by an irrelevant artificial esurience Drowning in exuberance, exterminate the excessive prodigality ERADICATE THE REMNANTS OF HUMANITY Anthropocentric We have failed to recognize the intrinsic value of other forms of life The judgment will come, survival is compromised
Dark clouds, chemically filled with poison Acid rains burning the children outside We’re now confined, trapped in our houses Nothing remains from our formerly lives Gasping for air, Praying the ancient times Decomposing from inside, suffering from the human curse Rations of pills and concentrates A nutrient deficient soil, a global drought Dehydrated and starving to death Consequences of our wrongdoings Our utopia wasn’t attainable We have become so distant from nature Development and advancement has grown at the expense of well-being The darkness revealed itself through our own essence The definition of our existence We have become so distant from nature Do we really want a black earth, a lifeless land ? Anthropocene, Augmented post-humanism Severe Pollution, Modifying entire ecosystems A dark reality, struggling for survival, a war engaged against the hand that feeds us BLACK EARTH I'm wondering when this forced march I'm imposing on living beings will last, in the name of only human and economic profit. Still able to change, we chose to stay the same So confident in ourselves, we forgot That this place was the only miracle Miracle No forgiveness, we’d rather wallow in regrets
Hope, the false prophet of life Sculpting resignation in the beliefs of man Indulging in pain, forsaken by endless invocations Human genes are encrypted by a falsified delusion Once again, the purpose of life has been resigned by the throne The Majesty’s order, an obligate slavery, embrace the divinity Misery, eternal comrade Exterminate prosperity, a world submerged in darkness A room without exit, constricted in sorrow The faith is sealed already pronounced at the child’s birth Misery, a room without exit, eternal comrade The behemoth forges despair through this fabricated lie A gigantic loss, an exponential retrogression Decadence, deconstruction of morality Servant of the great order, expanding the deep chasm of uncertainty Through a dictated philosophy Confined into inordinate deliberation The apocryphal process of learning, of comprehension A deceitful creation, an impending chaos Depleted and deconstructed, all stubborn to obey Ignorant, developed by the authority A force-fed ideology embraced in our entrails Enterprise of the luminaries The greatest potential buried in oblivion Born in the purest innocence Forged through endless sacrifices Exhausted, they keep advancing Unwanted journeys through predefine paths Wrecked, useless Hope, the false prophet of life Sculpting resignation in the beliefs of man Indulging in pain, forsaken by endless invocations Encrypted, a falsified delusion By the ancient knowledge, petrified The elderly wrought the modern intellect
Bringers of pain Tumors of the earth Left shattered in emptiness Meaningless beings Contemplating the universe’s immensity A metaphysical revelation elucidates my fundamental inquest The relevance of humanity institute, absent from existence Self-destroyer of their own consciousness Parasitic vermin, leeching the nature itself, a virulent infection Spoiling every type of organisms, Dimensional disruption Behold the inevitable severance, Useless biological structures, suffering from their reign Bastards of the divine, Disembodied authority, Creating easily A simple dot in the ocean of creation, The absence of telos Simply evolving, Only Consequences of fundamental entities Basic survival, Only Subsistence in a living mechanism In denial, I transcend the absolute A senseless life Universal construct, Mental impediment A last breath before it’s too late Informed that there is no certitude, there’s no inception Lifeless men waiting in lines Walking indefinitely, begging for a landmark All minds erased, Emptied from their souls Working in vain, exploration of a finality Enduring the pain, crying for mercy Thus, we’re all tied to earth, genetic restrains No purpose in every single living-beings The dilemma of survival in opposition to purposelessness Meaningless Existential parasite of the universe Parasite
In Vacuo 04:27
I Will Reign Remodeling the nascent state of primordial energy Decrypted, the absence of everything empowered a possible uniformity Approaching the vacuum state Time detached itself from space, vanishing simultaneously Emptied since the creation, an era of fabricated elements The permitted passage to boundless genesis Now emerging from nonexistence This is my reborn Creating an entity devoid of any reality I have known the absence of truth, a meaningless life Imposition of the void, altered evolvement Altered designs, Transmute the world Reconstructed from molecular instinct A never-ending cycle of birth and death Procreation of an egocentric portrait, rejuvenate me Adopting the desecration of mine Inhale emptiness until the aftermath expresses itself Formed by the void, desolated abstract creation I felt a convert in my composition An expansion of the cellular void Deep in inversion Anti-matter, leader of the second world Until this drained habitat reconstructs itself Deprived by universal laws Slave to the void, I will submit to nothing I have known the absence of truth, a meaningless life Imposition of the void, altered evolvement Hiatus slave, a condition imposed by this vacuous disclosure Altered Evolvement, I will Submit to nothing Nothing Emerging from emptiness Amalgam of the after world In nothingness, I will reign
Only a physical frame dispossessed by the mind Seemingly dead, beyond the evidence Constrained to be conscious in full nothingness Not feeling nor breathing, the absence of light Confined in a place without space or time Eternal oblivion Abiding darkness, a silent faith Expression of Death embedded in my degrading metabolism A physical frame dispossessed by the mind The Debut of matter deconstruction A constant pain, a lifeless state Redefining reality, witness of the infinity Structural downfall Motionless, I don’t exist A cerebral prison, dismal and desolate, I endure Total Amnesia, left alone in this unknown condition Permanent cessation of all amoebic functions, Wretched terror, devastated mindless creature Immortality, a poisoned legacy LEFT ALIVE, CONSIDERED DEAD Upon my agonizing self, I’m driven by uncoherent patterns to propagation No escape, imprisoned for eternity, Abandoned by existence To struggle in abeyance, consumed in mental blankness Expression of Death embedded in my degrading self Abandoned by existence, illogical patterns lead to experiential procreation A physical frame dispossessed by the mind The Debut of matter deconstruction A constant pain, a lifeless state Redefining reality, witness of the infinity I am the post-death human A constant pain, a lifeless state Redefining what’s real A dying corpse A lifeless man Imprisoned for eternity


released March 6, 2020

Thanks to :
- House of Gain Studio (Recording)
Maxime Lacroix (Pre-prod, prod, mastering)
- Abstract Chaos Design (Album cover)
- Alexandre Goulet (Artist)
- Ali Maskuri (Artist)
- Maxime Maltais (Music video)
- Philippe Tremblay (Music video)
- Stéphane Demers (Photographer)
Graphism by Olivier Medusa


all rights reserved



Sufferize Quebec City, Québec

Anthony Caron

Jérôme Michaud

Pierre-Luc Michaud

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